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Expired Coupon Codes (Đôi Khi Có Thể Làm Việc!)

10% tắt của tôi. Dành 1,200,000 đồng

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Codes tốt nhất

Mã Loại Chi tiết giảm giá Hết hạn
Offer from thêm 5% discount code for Hotel booking Ngày 1, 2021
$10 discount code for Ngày 31, 2021 offer: 50% mã khuyến mại Ngày 4, 2021
$4 KLOOK phiếu giảm giá cho khách hàng mới Ngày 31, 2022

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How can I find the newest coupons for KLOOK?
You can find the newest coupons for on specific website like,,, or
Can I pay with paypal on KLOOK?
Đúng, you can pay with PayPal on
Does KLOOK offer free shipping? offers free electronic shipping. You will get your booking confirmation with all the details on your email address and you can also download it from the app.
What can I do if the KLOOK coupon is not working?
Did you receive an error message when you tried to redeem your coupon code? Find out what you need to follow to fix this. If the system does not recognize your coupon code, you may have done a typing mistake especially if you entered the code manually using the keyboard. Double check your entry and make sure that the characters follow the exact same order as it is shown on our page. Pay attention to the lower and upper cases and verify if you put spaces between them. Did you know that each coupon code has its own redemption conditions? Carefully read the details of your coupon code and follow its rules. Sometimes a code is only valid for a minimum booking value or for certain activities and destinations while other times a code is valid either for new or for existing customers. Cuối cùng, if you’ve checked all the above and you correct all the mistakes, nhưng bạn vẫn nhận được thông báo lỗi, then it means that your code is no longer available. Có lẽ, you have used it on a previous booking. Keep in mind that you cannot redeem a coupon code more than once, bởi vì nó hết hạn.

Phiếu giảm giá và cung cấp từ các cửa hàng tương tự


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THÔNG TIN VỀ PHƯƠNG THỨC THANH TOÁN accepts multiple payment methods including credit/debit card (HỘ CHIẾU, thẻ MasterCard, JCB and American Express), PayPal, Trả phí cho apple, Google Pay, Alipay và WeChat Pay. MOBILE APP

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The refund as well as the cancelation policy vary, because each activity has its own terms and conditions. But most of them offer free cancelation. If for example an activity or tour that you have booked is canceled by the organizer then, you will have two choose between booking an alternative date for the same activity and requesting a full refund. If your flight is delayed or canceled due to extreme weather conditions, a strike or a pandemic, you are entitled to get a full refund.


On the right side of the first page of you will find the Help section where you will get the best answers to the most common questions. If these answers do not satisfy you, then you can get in touch with the Customer Service Team by sending an email to [email protected], by submitting your issues using the Ask Klook inquiry form or via the 24-hour Live Chat. You can also use the hotline by dialing one of the numbers listed on your Klook voucher. KLOOK COUPON

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