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Hết hạn Ngày 1, 2022
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Mã giảm giá KLM.com: miễn phí vận chuyển đơn đặt hàng $45

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Tiết kiệm đến 50% off with LKM.com promo

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Hãy 10% giảm giá đặt hàng của bạn nếu bạn là một khách hàng mới

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$35 phiếu giảm giá cho KLM

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Hết hạn mã số Coupon KLM.com (Đôi Khi Có Thể Làm Việc!)

KLM.com 30% mã phiếu

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Codes KLM.com tốt nhất

Mã Loại Chi tiết giảm giá Hết hạn
Ưu đãi cho KLM.com : 20% mã phiếu Ngày 1, 2022
Mã giảm giá KLM.com: miễn phí vận chuyển đơn đặt hàng $45 Ngày 2, 2022
Bán Tiết kiệm đến 50% off with LKM.com promo N / A
Bán KLM.com promo: Earn miles with Flying Blue Program N / A

Tìm hiểu thêm về KLM.com

How can I find the newest coupons for KLM?
You can find the newest coupons for KLM.com by either signing-up to the official newsletter or by simply searching for the latest coupons on specific websites like www.promonix.com, www.coupons-promo-code.com, www.global-discount-codes.com, www.retailmenot.com or by simply typing KLM.com coupons on Google.
Can I pay with paypal on KLM?
Đúng, you can pay with PayPal on KLM.com.
Does KLM offer free shipping?
You will get free electronic shipping via your email address or the official app.
What can I do if the KLM coupon is not working?
If your KLM.com coupon code is not working, we recommend that you follow our tips and tricks to correct any error you might encounter. Đầu tiên, did you type the code manually? Perhaps you have done typo. Check once again your entry and make sure that all the numbers and letters are in the same order as it is shown on our page and pay attention to the spaces between your characters and to the upper and lower cases. Did you check the terms and conditions for your coupon code? Each KLM.com has its own rules that your order must meet. Read the details to find out what the redemption conditions are. Sometimes a code is valid for a minimum booking order or for certain destinations while other times the code is valid either for new or for existing customers. Thứ ba, is your code still valid? If you have already used your code on a previous purchase, bạn không thể sử dụng nó nữa. A KLM.com coupon code cannot be redeemed more than once by the same person because it expires.

Phiếu giảm giá và cung cấp từ các cửa hàng tương tự

Onlinetour.co.kr Phiếu

Đăng ký nhận bản tin hàng ngày của bạn tại Onlinetour.co.kr và tiết kiệm khi thanh toán 20% trên đặt phòng của bạn ....

vueling Phiếu

Đặt chuyến đi của bạn ngay bây giờ tại Vueling.com và tận hưởng phiếu giảm giá này để tiết kiệm 50% trong lần đặt phòng dễ dàng hơn của bạn ....

Trip Phiếu

Sử dụng mã phiếu giảm giá này khi thanh toán để tiết kiệm $50 tắt khi đặt chỗ trên Trip.com của bạn lúc thanh toán ....

Trip Phiếu

Sử dụng mã phiếu giảm giá này khi thanh toán và tiết kiệm 5% trên Trip.com đặt phòng khách sạn của bạn ....


The history of KLM.com starts way back in 1919 and it is the largest Dutch airline company and the world’s oldest airline that operates flights to this date under its original name in over 170 nước. What type of traveler are you? An adventurous one? The passionate photographer? The partygoer? The resort hopper or the family addict? Or the fashionable diva? With KLM.com it really doesn’t matter, because it offers great deals for any kind of traveler and it got you covered with top destinations worldwide: New York, London, Barcelona, the ancient Rome, the fabulous Florence, the extravagant and luxurious Dubai, the marvelous and breathtaking Honolulu Island, the vibrant Cape Down and a lot more. Book your next trip with KLM.com and make new memories.


Do you want to discover new destinations and to become a connoisseur in other cultures and traditions, but you have run out of travel funds? Explore the world of KLM.com and enjoy big discounts during the special sales events that arrive every year with amazing travel deals. Book your next trip with KLM.com and get special prices for selected destinations.


Bất cứ lúc nào, KLM.com has promotional campaigns and offers welcome discounts to its new users. Keep an eye on KLM.com and save at least 5% off on your first booking order.


Go to the finest holiday destinations and pay a lower price for them. KLM.com usually organizes marketing campaigns for Black Friday Sales under the name Blue Fly Days. Go on a city-break or book an extended family vacation during the Black Friday event and you can save up to 60% off for selected flights to different destinations. KLM PROMOTIONAL COUPON CODE  

11/11 BÁN HÀNG

Explore the magic world of KLM.com and book your flight during the Singles’ Day Sales Event, được biết như 11/11 or Double 11 to get the best services at the best prices. Do not hesitate and grab your holiday deal with more than 20% tắt.


Were you thinking that Cyber Monday is an event organize only by stores that sell electronics and other gadgets? That is so wrong. KLM.com demonstrates the contrary and welcomes you on the day with the biggest sales events with more than 40% tắt trên các điểm đến đã chọn.


Celebrate your magical White Christmas with KLM.com. Do not miss some of the most amazing travel deals and come back to KLM.com in December to grab your awesome Christmas discount. Bạn có thể tiết kiệm đến 60% off on so many top destinations. KLM COUPON CODE


Your passion for travel is a bit expensive sometimes? Are you on a limited budget, but you certainly do not want to wait until the end of the year to get your ticket during the special sales events? KLM.com will definitely become your favorite online travel platform, because it offers you other methods that will help you save big on your next trip every day of your life.


In the recent years, the use of promotional coupons has known a big success among the customers and the companies as well. Tiết kiệm ít nhất 15% off with the right promotional coupon for KLM.com and embark on the journey of your life. Do not miss the travel deals given by the coupon codes.


Make new memories every day and get an unforgettable holiday adventure. Pay less for your passion for traveling with KLM.com special offers and massive discounts. Check daily the Deals section to get even more than 60% off on your next flight. Thêm, order your special meal free of charge, served exclusively on intercontinental KLM.com flights. Choose bundle packages to get even more discounts and free additional services. Hơn nữa, become part of the Flying Blue Program to earn miles that you can exchange for different rewards. Do not hesitate and join now this amazing program to get miles for every Euro that you spent and to receive up to$10 discount on your 1st paid checked baggage item as well as a 10% off discount on your favorite seat.


Get access to the latest special offers and enjoy your 10% discount when you subscribe to the official KLM.com newsletter. KLM PROMOTIONAL CODE


Do you want to earn extra money by doing what you like? Then join KLM.com Affiliate Program and promote this amazing Dutch company on your website, Blog, app or your social media account to high-commissions rates on flight bookings made on KLM.com. You will also get 30-day cookie lifetime, mobile tracking, cross-country tracking, short approval time of sales and marketing tools that will help optimize conversion. There are a few things you have to take into consideration when you make your online booking on KLM.com. Dưới đây,, you will find a brief description about the payment methods, chính sách hoàn trả, the presence on KLM.com on social media and about the Customer Service Team.


KLM.com accepts the following payment methods: Thẻ tín dụng và thẻ ghi nợ (thẻ American Express, thẻ MasterCard, Hộ chiếu, Thực Câu Lạc Bộ, Khám phá, BANGKOK, UATP/Airplus card), Bank transfer, PayPal, Thanh toán qua WeChat (China Only), Alipay (China and Hong Kong), Cash at a KLM.com ticket office, Ingenico ePayments and Adyen.


Download the KLM.com mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices to book and manage your flights from the little gadget that you carry with you all the time. The mobile app acts like your own personal travel assistant and gives you access to amazing features including one-tap payment, mobile check-in, mobile boarding pass and real-time flight updates. Stay up to date with the push notifications and get access to personalized offers for your adventure. Thêm, you will never get lost, because you can use KLM.com airport maps to navigate through the airport easily and safely. KLM DISCOUNT CODE


Do you want to know more about the life of KLM.com pilots? Do you want to have access to insights from KLM.com world? Do you want to meet passionate travelers just like you? Sau đó, follow the activity of KLM.com on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TwitterYouTube to get access to amazing things. You can find out how KLM.com trains its pilots or how it is to land on a short runway and many other interesting tales. Đừng quên về blog chính thức, because you will get access to useful article such as 10 Myths and Facts about Flying That Will Surprise You, Diary of a pilot: an unforgettable touchdown in Sydney, What is hidden in the nose of an aircraft or Packing like a pro: 7 secrets of a light travel.


  Things didn’t go as you planned? Is your flight delayed for more than 3 hours due to a third-party strike? Is it canceled due to extreme weather conditions, political instability or a pandemic? Depending on the situation, you may receive a full refund, a compensation or an EMD voucher.


If you didn’t find the information you were looking for on the official website, bạn có thể liên hệ với Nhóm dịch vụ khách hàng 24 giờ một ngày, 7 days a week via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can also contact one of the representatives by phone. On the website you will find different numbers for various specific reasons. Ví dụ, if you need more information about flight changes and cancelation policy you can give a call on +56 2 2988 4816 and for information about your online check-in you can give a call on +1 800-618-0104. KLM  COUPON

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