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נוסד ב 1976 by Neil Prosser in the North of England, Flannels is one of the leading luxury retailers in the UK that offers an impressive portfolio of fashion clothing, נעליים, accessories and beauty products for both men and women as well as kids from more than 750 of the world’s most coveted brands including Tom Ford, Alexander Vauthier, Anne Demeulemeester, ארמאני, סטלה מקרטני, "בלנסיאגה", Burberry, שרלוט טילבורי, כריסטיאן לובוטין, דיור, אסתי לאודר, פנדי, Foreo, Guerlain, ג'וזפה זאנוטי, ג'יאמבאטיסטה ואלי, ז'אן - פול גוטייה, קרל לגרפלד, לואי, Maison מרג'יאלה, Natasah Denona, Off White, פראדה., רוברטו קוואלי, איב סאן לורן, ורסצ'ה, ריקבון עירוני, ולנטינו, ג'ו מאלון לונדון, Vivienne Westwood or Zimmermann and even more. Considered to be at the forefront of the contemporary fashion retail, Flannels comes in handy with a wide array of garments not only with collections from the runways shows from the luxury’s biggest names across the globe, but also with collection from the latest streetwear drops from the hottest emerging designers.


Are you a fashion lover? Do you spend too much money for your passion for fashion? Would you like to reinvent yourself each season, but you would like to pay less for the same high-end designers? Then you should wait until the special sales events to but your favorite items from top brands from Flannels at a bargain price.


Although Flannels does not have a classic and permanent welcome discount for its new users, you can still get up to 10% off on your first ever purchase with the right code.


Ready, steady, go! Get ready for the most awaited sales event in the entire year and treat yourself with amazing deals on Flannels. It is the perfect time to change your fashion style and to combine high-quality articles from the past collections from the world’s most famous and appreciated designers with articles from the newest collection. On Black Friday, Flannels welcomes you with different surprises that could bring you more than 30% הנחה על מותגים נבחרים. לִפְעָמִים, אתה יכול להשיג אפילו יותר, and you can benefit from $100 off when you spend a certain amount of money on your order, and you can also get free worldwide shipping.

FLANNELS.com 11/11 מכירות

Keep on saving and have a happy Singles’ Day. לְהַכפִּיל 11 או 11/11 Sales Event arrives at Flannels with discounts of up to 20% הנחה על פריטים נבחרים. Do not hesitate and grab the best discounts on the 11th of November.


האם אתה רוצה לקבל יותר מ 30% off on luxury fashion brands? Do you want to receive at least $50 voucher when you spend a certain amount of money on your Flannels order? Save the date and shop from Flannels during the Cyber Monday Sales Event.


Wrap up the Christmas gifts and stock up for the Winter Holidays. Come back to Flannels on December to save up to 50% off on selected items and to create stunning and unique outfits that will make you the star at the Christmas or New Year’s Party.


It is not a surprise for anyone that our guilty little pleasures can cost us a fortune. And when you want to become a trendsetter and to be fashionable on any occasion, you must find different ways to get the best price for your outfits. Find out how you can get a discount every day on Flannels without having to wait until the special sales events or until the final season sales.


Use one of the promotional coupons for Flannels from out database and you can save more than 20% כבוי בהזמנות שלך. לִפְעָמִים, you can get even more special deals that will get you up to 70% off on selected categories as well as free worldwide shipping.


If you do not mind buying items from past collections from top famous brands, then you should have a look at the Outlet section from the official website to get up to 70% off on selected brands including Balmain, ולנטינו גרבני, ג 'ימי צ' ו, Barbour International, Gucci or Michael Kors. האם אתה רוצה להשיג עוד יותר? Then buy from the Exclusive offers section and you can save up to 90% הנחה על פריטים נבחרים. האם אתה סטודנט? Confirm your status to get your 10% off student discount on all full priced designer clothing.


הירשם לניוזלטר הרשמי כדי לפתוח את הנעילה שלך 10% off discount that you can use on your next purchase and to get access to the newest arrivals and to exclusive offers.


Would you like to have a personal shopper that could guide you to create some of the hottest and trendy looks of the season, professionally tailored to suit you and your body? Book now a Virtual Style Consultations for a complete digital styling service anytime and anywhere. Would you like to get even more from Flannels? Choose the Style and Collect service and you will be able to combine Click and Collect with a luxurious and one-of-a-kind in store personal shopping adventure. Discover now an amazing shopping experience and do not waste your time in making your research about the terms and conditions of Flannels. We have don this for you and we have gathered all the necessary information about the payment methods, מדיניות ההחזרים וצוות שירות הלקוחות בתיאור קצר.

מידע אודות שיטות תשלום

Flannels accepts the following payment methods: כרטיסי אשראי וחיוב (אמריקן אקספרס, מָאֵסטרוֹ, מסטרקארד, ויזה, VISA Debit), אליפיי, אפל Pay, PayPal, אידיאלי, כרטיסי ברכה, בנקאנטאקט, ג'ירופאי, P24 and SOFORT.


הורד עכשיו את האפליקציה הרשמית לנייד, available on the App Store and Google Play to shop-on-the-go anytime, anywhere and to get access to amazing features. You can shop as one by using the same login details from the Flannels website, you can keep in the loop with real-time notifications, you can shop the shoot and you can save your favorite items in the Wish List and buy them when they are on sale.


Stay connected and do not miss any fashion deals and news. Join the modern and fashionable community on social media and follow its activity on Instagram, טוויטר, פינטרסט, יוטיוב, TikTok and Facebook to get access to exclusive masterclasses, expert tips and beauty seminars from the biggest brands in the business. Do not hesitate to have a look on the Style News section on the official website either. Here you will find interesting and useful articles including How to Win at Partywear, The Drip List: Gifts for Her, Candles that Will Make your Home Smell Insane or Style Advisor: Fresh Party Looks.

מידע אודות מדיניות ההחזרה

If you changed your mind and you are not fully satisfied with the items you have purchase, אתה יכול להחזיר אותם פנימה 28 ימים מיום האספקה ​​להחזר מלא או להחלפה. הפריטים שברצונך להחזיר חייבים להיות לא נלבשים, לא שטוף, לא פגום ולא בשימוש, עם כל תגי האבטחה והתוויות עדיין מצורפות ובאריזה המקורית. There are certain items that are not eligible for a refund including: בגדי ים, תחתונים, pierced jewelry, personalized items, magazines or items that are sealed for hygiene reasons.


אם לא הצלחת למצוא את התשובה המושלמת בדף השאלות הנפוצות, you can get in touch with one of the representatives from the Customer Service Team by phone on +44 344 245 9243 from Monday to Sunday between 10am and 6pm, על ידי צ'אט חי, by sending an email via the Online Contact Form or by sending a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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