Propagace z LOT: 20% Z dřívějšího placení polské letecké společnosti

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Zarezervujte si let hned a zaplaťte dříve, abyste ušetřili 20% Ó ...Více
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Kód kupónu pro LOT: až 10% vypnout všechny lety

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Rezervujte si let na LOT a ušetřete až 10% vypnout zapnout ...Více
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Slevový kód pro LOT: 15% vypnuto na vybraném cíli

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Prodej Propagace z LOT: 20% Z dřívějšího placení polské letecké společnosti N / A
Kód Kód kupónu pro LOT: až 10% vypnout všechny lety Prosince 20, 2021
Kód Slevový kód pro LOT: 15% vypnuto na vybraném cíli Prosince 31, 2021

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Ano, LOT offer free electronic delivery via the email address provided and within the official app.
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Rezervujte si cestu na a využijte tuto nabídku a ušetřete 15% sleva na slevu na pobyty....

Agoda Kupóny

Rezervujte si hotel na a ušetřete navíc 10% sleva s touto promo akcí na vybrané zboží....

Agoda Kupóny

Tento slevový kód vložte při pokladně a ušetřete 8% sleva na vaší rezervaci na Busan....

Agoda Kupóny

Tento kód kupónu použijte při pokladně a ušetřete 5% sleva na rezervaci hotelů na


Headquartered in Warsaw, LOT was founded on the 29th of December 1928, and it is the flag carrier of Poland and one of the 12 of the world’s oldest airlines that still operates flights to approximately 100 airports around the world. S více než 10 million passenger every year, LOT has over 120 regular connections to the world’s most famous and appreciated destinations including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Peking, Chicago, Dubaj, Krakow, Miami, Milano, New York, Paříž, Palma de Mallorca, Singapur, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Venice or Tokyo. Part of the Star Alliance Group, LOT comes in handy not only with lower prices for your next holiday, but also with no hidden charges and with travel inspiration no matter if you are a party goer, a fashion addict, a risky and adventurous traveler or a more chilling one. Book your next trip now and travel the whole world, with LOT you win the lottery ticket.


Are you a travel addict who would like to have the possibility to visit more and more countries, ale máte omezený rozpočet? Did you know that you can reduce the costs of your next holiday adventure if you book in advance or if you book your ticket during the special sales events? Find out what you have to do to get a discount on your LOT booking.


Čas od času, LOT offers at least 5% off welcome discount on your first ever booking. Keep an eye on it and do not miss the chance to save some cash on your next holiday.


Become a globetrotter and unlock the special offers from LOT during the most important sales event in the entire year. Meet new cultures and learn more about other people’s tradition. Book your next trip to your favorite country with more than 20% off during the Black Friday Sales Event.


Would you like to save more than 15% off on your next flight to your favorite destination? Pak, book your ticket during the Singles’ Day Sales Event, známý také jako Double 11 a 11/11 Sales to visit as many cities as you can.


V průběhu let, more and more companies are organizing special sales campaigns during the Cyber Monday Sales Event. And LOT Polish Airline welcomes you with more than 20% off on selected flights during this special sales event and with many more surprises. You can get, for instance, additional services free of charge.


Do you love to travel? Embark on a new journey and prepare the holidays for next year. Get access to the best selection of cheap flights and book your ticket to your most beloved destination in December. LOT prepares the Christmas Sales Event and welcomes you with more than 15% off on so many destinations that you would find it difficult to choose the one suitable for you.


Would you like to find more ways to pay less for your next trip? If you want to visit more and more countries and you do not want to wait until the special sales events to get a reduced price for your trip, then you should follow our suggestions. There are more ways that could bring you huge discounts on your LOT booking. Find out how you can get a discount today on LOT.


You can get the best price for your LOT flight by simply using one of the promotional coupon codes listed on our page. With the right coupon code for LOT from our page you can save more than 15% off on selected flights to specific destinations. Někdy, you can get even more, like 30% off on your flight ticket.


Do you want to get access to LOT current deals? Check now the Deals & Offers section to get reduced prices not only for flights within Poland, but also for flights to many other countries such as USA or Japan. Are you traveling with kids? You save 90% off on the standard fare if your kid is under 2 years old and 25% off on the standard fare if your kid is aged between 2 a 11 let. Would you like to save up to 20% for your extra baggage service? Then book early to pay lay. You will have up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time to get your discount for your baggage for international and domestic flights and up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time for intercontinental flights.


Sign up to LOT newsletter to get access to the latest deals and to receive your 10% off discount for your next booking.


Join now the LOT loyalty programs available for business travelers and private ones to get additional benefits on your LOT flights. The largest loyalty program in Europe – Miles and More – comes in handy with exclusive privileges including access to business lounges at airports, an additional baggage free of charge, 50% off on flight awards for your Companion, electronic upgrade vouchers, priority boarding and a lot more. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own a business? Pak, now you should join the business loyalty Program – LOT Dla Firm – to earn Points for every business travel with LOT. You can spend them for valuable awards such as flight awards, hotel stays, LOT Business Lounge “Polonez” or “Mazurek” access, discount coupon for AirKiosk or free upgrades on additional services. There are a few more aspects you need to acknowledge about LOT. Níže naleznete stručný popis platebních metod, refund policy and about the Customer Service Team.


LOT accepts the following payment methods: Kreditní a debetní karta (VÍZUM, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, UATP, JCB) PayPal, Online banking (SOFORT, Dotpay, Giropay, ideální, UnionPay, Alipay), Google Pay and eWallet (QIWI, Alipay).


Download now the official LOT mobile app, available for your iOS and Android devices to make traveling fun and easier. You will get instant access to the key information before and during your flight as well as an easy access to LOT Contact Center. The app comes in handy with what to do and what to visit worldwide and it will also give you hints on when is the best time to buy affordable tickets.


Stay connected and join the awesome and passionate LOT community on social media to not miss any deals. Follow its activity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to find useful information about the latest connections, newest deals and to get access to exclusive promotions and to win free tickets by participating to different giveaways. Do not forget to read the official blog either which is an important source of inspiration. You will find useful information about the greatest attractions that you can see in Budapest for example or everything you need to know about the assets of the Balkans or what are the best islands for holidays in Europe.


With LOT it is fine to change your mind or to change the dates of your travel adventure. You can cancel your flights with no penalty up to 24 hours after you have finished your booking but only if it was done at least 7 days before the departure date. You can also request a refund and receive your money back or a travel voucher but only if your flight was canceled due to bad weather conditions, a strike or a pandemic or only if you have booked a Flex Ticket.


If you have any questions and you did not find the perfect answer on the official website, můžete kontaktovat tým zákaznických služeb 24 hodin denně, 7 days a week by phone on +48 22 577 77 55, by Facebook Messenger, via the Live Chat or by submitting a request via the Online Contact Form. Note that each country has its own Customer Care phone number and you will find all the necessary information on the official website.

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