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Продажба Промоция от RentalCars.com: запази $18 при поръчка на стойност $300 или повече Н/Д
Код Код за отстъпка на RentalCars.com: 20% от всяка покупка Декември 15, 2021
Продажба Промоция на приложението от RentalCars.com: до 6% пари обратно Н/Д
Продажба Запази сега 40% когато резервирате автомобил чрез RentalCars.com Декември 6, 2022

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How can I find the newest coupons for RENTALCARS.com?
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Can I pay with paypal on RENTALCARS.com?
за жалост, you cannot pay with PayPal on RentalCars.com.
Does RENTALCARS.com offer free shipping?
You will get free electronic delivery with the required information.
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Initially named TravelJigsaw, RentalCars.com was founded in 2004 and it is part of Booking Holdings Inc., the world leader in online travel and related services. It has known success since the beginning and it is nowadays the world’s biggest online car rental services company that connects you to the most important brands in car hire including Europcar, Firefly, Аламо, Enterprise, Hertz or SIXT. С повече от 10.5 million bookings each year in over 60.000 locations from more than 160 страни по целия свят, RentalCars.com comes in handy with a wide array of vehicles including small, medium and large cars, estate and premium cars, SUVs or minivans and a lot more. Book your next trip to your dream destination and rent your car with RentalCars.com to get more flexibility and to visit as many places as you can, and you benefit from high-quality services at an unbeatable price.



Do you want to get more freedom and flexibility during your vacation? Do you want to skip the agitation from public transport, but you think you will much more for your visits to historical monuments? You do not have to worry anymore. Choose RentalCars.com during the special sales events to get massive discounts for the same high-quality services.


Even though RentalCars.com does not offer a permanent discount for its new customers, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot save big on your first booking. Regularly check RentalCars.com because every now and then you can get up to 10% off welcome discount.


Get access to the best discounts, updates and exclusive offers and do not hesitate to wait until the Black Friday Sales Event to rent your car with RentalCars.com. Можете да спестите до 50% off on your car rental. Treat yourself with amazing deals and enjoy your sweet escape from the daily routine. RentalCars PROMO CODE


Compare now the biggest car rentals brands and discover the world of RentalCars.com. book online your car hire during the 11/11 Продажба, известен още като Double 11 and Singles’ Day and unlock special offers. Можете да спестите до 20% off on your car rental.


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Are you planning an adventurous or relaxing vacation during the festive season? Go on a road trip and light up your Christmas with amazing discounts on RentalCars.com. Have a magical December and enjoy more than 20% off on selected services during the Christmas Sale Event. RentalCars COUPON CODE


Do you want to save even more on your RentalCars.com booking, but you do not want to wait until the end of the year to get massive discounts during the special sales events? Тогава, choose RentalCars.com and find out how you can get a discount anytime you want on this amazing online rent-a-car company.


Do not miss any deal and use one of the promotional coupons for RentalCars.com from our page to save up to 40% off when you book a car via the official website. Плюс, you will also find promotional coupons that could give you up to 30% off discount on your next rental car as well as coupons that will get you a free car rental.


RentalCars.com does not have a classic sale section but you will find all the discounts and special offers on the first page of the website. There are periods throughout the year that could bring you more than 20% off on your car hire on selected destinations. освен това, if you find a lower price on another company, you can benefit from the Price Match Guarantee Policy, meaning RentalCrs.com will match and even beat the competitors’ lower prices.


Sign up to the official RentalCars.com newsletter to get up to 15% off on your next booking order. RentalCars PROMOTIONAL CODE


Притежавате ли уебсайт, да блогвам, a newsletter or a social media account? Join now the RentalCars.com Affiliate Program to unlock the widest choice of inventory and industry-leading conversation rates. For each booking made via your link, banner or other marketing tool you will earn a revenue share. Искате ли да получите още повече? Build your own business and sign up for free to the official RentalCars.com Marketplace to showcase your cars to a potential rental car customer across the globe 24/7. You will decide everything: vehicles you want to list, prices you want to set, and you will gain worldwide visibility that will help you grow your business. Плюс, you can simply manage your fleet with no additional fees and no subscription because you will only pay commissions on all the bookings you receive. Work now with the world’s #1 in the industry and your business will grow day by day. There are a few more things you need to take into consideration, and you do not have to waste your time by searching all the essential information about your RentalCars.com order. We’ve done this for you. Read our short description about the payment methods, политика за възстановяване на средства и екипа за обслужване на клиенти.


RentalCars.com accepts the following payment methods: Виза, MasterCard and American Express Credit or Debit Cards.


Download now the triple award-winning RentalCars.com mobile app, available on your iOS and Android devices to rent your car faster and easier than ever before and to unlock in-app exclusive discounts. You can compare deals from over 900 car rental companies directly form your little gadget that is always with. You can filter your results so you can quickly find what you want, and you will be able to make changes to your booking with no additional admin fees. Go paperless, with the app you do not need to print your rental car voucher to collect your car. The app welcomes you with many other features including parking Buddy, your little friend that remembers where your car is, and with pick-up locations and eve more. Get your perfect companion for your road trip. RentalCars DISCOUNT CODE


Stay in the know and do not miss any updates about RentalCars.com. join the awesome community and follow its activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube и Пинтерест to read reviews and to get feedback from others road travelers just like you. Do not avoid the Magazine section from the official website either. You will get access to interesting travel guides and to tips and advice during bad weather conditions. You can find interesting articles like Niagara Falls…The Most Underrated Place in the World, 5 Places in Southern Spain Best Explored by Car, 5 Unmissable Day Trips from Malaga, Our Top Winter Driving Tips, 10 Tips for Your First Time Driving Abroad or 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip.


If you change your mind or if your plans have changed, you can cancel or rebook most of the bookings free of charge up to 48 hours before pick-up. But if you paid a deposit when you booked your car, you will not get the money for the deposit back. Плюс, if you cancel your rental less than 48 hours before it is due to start, then you will get a refund, minus the price of three days’ car hire.


Ако не можете да намерите задоволителен отговор на страницата с често задавани въпроси, you can reach the Customer Service Team phone on + 44 161 830 5708, by sending an email to one of the addresses for each country that you will find on the official website or via the Live Chat. RentalCars PROMO CODE

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