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Код Вид Отстъпка Детайли Изтича на
Код KKDAY.com 30% код на купон изберете Mooncakes Април 6, 2022
Код $15 Регистрирайте се за първи път с приложението на KKDAY.com и използвайте този код на купон по време на плащане, за да спестите Април 21, 2022
Код Оферта на KKDAY.com: допълнителни 5% купон Февруари 28, 2022
Код KKDAY.com 10% промо код в целия магазин Март 7, 2022

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How can I find the newest coupons for KKDAY.com?
You can find the latest coupon for KKDAY.com not only on our page but also on other website including www.promonix.com, www.coupons-promo-code.com, www.global-discount-codes.com, www.retailmenot.com, www.promodeals.com or by subscribing to the official KKDAY.com newsletter.
Can I pay with paypal on KKDAY?
за жалост, currently you cannot pay with PayPal on KKDAY.com.
Does KKDAY offer free shipping?
KKDAY.com offers free electronic shipping via your email address and the official app. Плюс, you can find your booking information on your own KKDAY.com account.
What can I do if the KKDAY coupon is not working?
If your KKDAY.com coupon code is not working and you receive an error message, it means you may have done a mistake when you transferred your code. Our following guidelines will help you fix your error. Pay attention to the details of your coupon code to see if your order meets the redemption conditions. Обикновено, a coupon code is valid for a minimum booking order, for certain activities and experiences or for certain destinations. Понякога, the coupon is only valid for new or for existing customers, но не и за двете категории едновременно. How did you enter your code? Did you copy it, or did you type it manually? Double check your entry and make sure that all the characters are in the same order as they are on our page. Pay attention to the upper and lower cases too and do not put spaces between the numbers and the letters. Ако нищо от горното не се прилага, then perhaps you have used the same KKDAY.com coupon code on a previous order. Сега, не можете да го използвате повече, because a KKDAY.com coupon code cannot be redeemed more than once by the same person. Той изтича. Search for other coupons on our database and get your discount.

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Headquartered in Taiwan, KKDAY.com was founded in 2014 by Ming Chen, a veteran in the online travel industry. В днешно време, KKDAY is one of the world’s leading e-commerce travel platforms that gives access to more than 20.000 unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experiences including scuba diving, guided tours, cooking classes, rock climbing, secret sights, day trips, charter and airport services in over 80 страни и 500 градове в света. It is a reliable and trustworthy company that comes in handy with the best ideas for every type of traveler. Discover the whole world with KKDAY.com and book your next adventure to find out more about other cultures and traditions all over the world.


Are you a travel addict, but sometimes you feel that it is too expensive to go on another holiday? With KKDAY.com you do not have to worry anymore. You can travel wherever you want and you can pay less for your little escape. Как? By simply buying your tickets from KKDAY.com during the special sales events. You will get the same high-quality services at a lower price.


KKDAY.com does not have a permanent discount, but luckily, от време на време, you can get at least 5% off if you are a new user.


Искате ли да станете до 40% off for your next adventure? Buy tickets, book activities and tours on KKDAY.com during the Black Friday Sales Event and get massive discount on selected experience. Find the perfect deal for you and do not miss the chance to also win at least $50 KKDAY.com vouchers. Only on Black Friday you can have your sweet escape from the daily routine on your fingertips. KKDAY PROMO CODE


The Singles’ Day sales Event, известен още като Double 11 или 11/11 has known a vast success during the past years and many companies have decided to take part to this event. KKDAY.com is one of them and welcomes you with awesome markdowns on selected experiences and with up to 40% off on many other activities. Плюс, the company also organizes campaigns like Buy 1 Да вземете 1 for selected countries.


Few years ago, Cyber Monday was an event dedicated to a specific type of stores. But nowadays more and more companies from different fields are welcoming you with awesome deals. Cyber Monday arrives at KKDAY.com with more than 40% изключен за избрани дестинации. Save big on your next travel and enjoy the amazing KKDAY.com deals.


Christmas is coming and you want to organize a party on a remote are far from the crowded cities? Or perhaps you want to go to the mountains for your favorite winter sport? What about going on a warm destination and swimming in the ocean? You can all of the above and you will get at least 40% ff on selected tours with the Christmas Sales. KKDAY COUPON CODE


Did you know that you can save even more on KKDAY.com without having to wait until the special sales events? You can book your next trip with massive discounts every day of the entire year, because KKDAY.com has a few other methods that will bring you the best prices for your favorite activity, tour or experience.


Embark on a new adventure with KKDAY.com and pay less to travel more. Use one of our promotional coupons for KKDAY.com to get awesome discounts. You will find coupons that will bring you a certain percentage off on your booking and coupons that come with a fixed value. Спестете допълнително 5% on your next journey with the right coupon or grab your $15 ваучер.


Explore the whole world and dream big. You can go to your favorite destination and you can save more on your booking order. The discounts and special offers on KKDAY.com are something you don’t want to miss. Plan your journey and get up to 60% off on selected destinations with the flash sales. освен това, checkout using your Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia bank card to get between 8% и 20% от. Студент ли си? Register with Student Beans to get 12% off on your next adventure. Good news continues with KKDAY.com Become a KKDAY.com member and get exclusive discounts and rewards. Пътувайте повече, за да получите още повече. You will be able to pay for your next trip with these KKDAY.com Points or you can exchange them for a gift voucher.


Sign-up to the newsletter to get access to the latest promos, helpful travel tips and tricks and to receive a 10% off as a discount for your first KKDAY.com booking. KKDAY PROMOTIONAL CODE


Join now the KKDAY.com Affiliate Program to get high commission rates based on the sales generated by your referral link as well as other perks including insightful dashboard, marketing tools and detailed reports. Are you an influencer? Do you own a blog or a vlog? Are you a passionate photographer? Then collaborate with KKDAY.com, share your experiences with photos, write articles and give your feedback about KKDAY.com and you will be considered for a sponsored travel activity. This means you can get your next holiday adventure free of charge. This is something huge to think about, нали? There are a few more things you need to take into considerations and we have gathered all the useful information about the payment methods, refund policy and the Customer Service Team below.


KKDAY.com accepts multiple payment methods: кредитни и дебитни карти (Виза< Мастеркард, Элекснет), Apple Pay, Google Pay, LINE Pay, Alipay, AlipayHK, GrabPay and MoMo Wallet.


Get your favorite tours and activities on your little gadget that you always carry in your pocket or your handbag or backpack. Download the official KKDAY.com mobile app, available for your iOS and Android devices to get an extra 5% off on your first booking and to get access to many other amazing features including Online Customer Service, ready to help you during your journey, instant booking, e-voucher to skip the lines and to receive exclusive in-app discounts. KKDAY DISCOUNT CODE


Get inspiration and read other travelers reviews to choose the perfect destination for your needs. Join the awesome KKDAY.com community and follow its activity on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Пинтерест и Twitter. If you are active on your social media accounts, you can win a lot of things including a day trip or a free activity. Плюс, you can talk to other passionate travelers and you can even organize trips with them. Read the blog to stay up to date with the latest information in the travel industry. Find out more about the types of adventure that animal lovers could take in Australia or find out which are the must visit museums in the Philippines or what you can buy as a gift for Father’s Day and many other useful and interesting things.


You can benefit from the Refund and cancelation policy only under certain circumstances and you must provide relevant evidence before being able to apply for free cancelation and to request your refund. The acceptable cancelations reasons include passing of a second-degree relative, terminal illness of a second-degree relative, a strike, significant natural disasters that prevents tour from departing and flight cancelations or delays.


If you didn’t find the right answer in the FAQs page from the official website, you can contact the Customer Service Team by email at [email protected] or by sending a message via KKDAy.com Social Media accounts. KKDAY COUPON

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